Middleville Agricultural Society
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Junior Attractions


Note: No Registration is required for Pet Show, Teddy Bear, Games and Races.

Directors in Charge: Mary Dixon and Liz Blair (613-256-2829) 


Pet Show @ 11:00 am

Claws, Paws, Scales and Tails  (Please NO Wild Creatures)

- No entry fee, one entry per class, per child.
- Exhibitors must be of elementary school age.
- Exhibitors must have cages for small pets.
- All dogs must be leashed or held by exhibitor.
- Pets can leave after the judging has completed.

1. Most unusual pet 

2. Best trick by a pet 

3. Youngest pet 

4. Oldest pet 

5. Best dog to sit and stay 

6. Pet with the best Canada 150 hat 

7. Hairiest pet 

8. How did your pet get its name?  Tell us the story. 

9. Parade of all contestants 


Teddy Bear and Other Stuffed Animal Show @ 1:00 pm

1. Stuffed animal dressed  

2. Teddy bear

3. Best homemade stuffed animal 

4. A stuffed animal family 

5. Cowboy/cowgirl stuffed animal 

6. The smallest teddy bear 

7. Toy rabbit with the brightest bow 

8. Teddy bear bride 

9. Parade of all contestants.  

Games and Races @ 2:00 pm 
1. Shoe Toss - 3 years and under, 4 and 5 years old 

2. The Pony Race - 3 years and under, 4 and 5 years old 

3. Foot Races - 3 years and under, 4 and 5 years old 

4. Shoe Toss - 6 and 7 years old, 8 and 9 years old, 
    10 and 11 years old, 12 years and over 

5. Sack Race - 6 and 7 years old, 8 and 9 years old, 10 and 11 years, old 12 years and over 

6. Three Legged Race - 8 and 9 years old, 10 and 11 years old, 12 years and over 

7. Old Fashioned Foot Races - 6 and 7 years old, 8 and 9 years old, 10 and 11 years old, 12 years and over 

8. Step Back Shoe Toss - everyone

Junior Section Hall Exhibits 2017


Director in Charge:  Mary Dixon

NOTE:  No entry fees or membership fees deducted in all Junior Sections.  Hall exhibits must be dropped off in the hall on Friday, Sept 17, 2016 between 

             5 - 10 pm.  

Class   :   Flowers and Vegetables 2017

1.    A bouquet of wildflowers in a container decorated for our theme – Canada 150


2.      A cucumber creature with all edible accessories


3.      The most unique flower in a unique container

4.      3 petunias, or 3 marigolds, or 3 roses, or all 3


5.      A vegetable or fruit oddity


6.      Give a small pumpkin an amazing face


7.      A vegetable vehicle – a combination of whole or carved vegetables and/or fruit. Please display on a solid base.


Class   :    Food and Baking 2017

1.      Make a menu for a healthy lunch. May be decorated.

2.      Create a pretzel creature. Accessories permitted

3.      Three decorated cookies for Canada Day. Only decorations will be judged.

4.      Rice Krispies Special – make a batch of the Rice Krispie square recipe and let your imagination go. Make it into a fun shape or structure or a giant cookie and decorate your creation

5.      A small jar of homemade applesauce

6.      3 banana muffins for the judge to sample

Class   :  Crafts, 6 years and under 2017

1.      Coloured picture taken from a colouring book or from the internet

2.      A bookmark using any materials

3.      A puppet made from a paper lunch bag

4.      A paper plate animal of your choice

5.      Draw and colour a picture of an animal that can be found in Canada’s forests

6.      Trace one of your hands or your foot and decorate

7.      Make a dryer lint monster. May be mounted on paper backing.

8.      Penmanship: print on a paper no larger than 81/2 x 11 ‘Canada 150”. May also be hand decorated.

9.      Teacher’s/Exhibitor’s Choice – any other craft

Class   :  Crafts, 9 years old and under 2017

1.      A hand drawn and coloured picture, any media, 81/2 x 11

2.      Make a pasta necklace

3.      Decorate an old shoe – the crazier the better

4.      A model (boat, plane, car, etc.) May be from a kit.

5.      Article made from items from nature (e.g. pinecones, stones, burrs, leaves, etc.)

6.      A mobile, ready to hang for display

7.      An Inukshuk

8.      Print a poem about one of the following themes, neatness to count – Canada, Pioneers, Working Farm Animals. May be decorated.

9.      Teacher’s/Exhibitor’s Choice – any other craft


Class   :  Crafts, 13 years and under 2017

1.      An elf or fairy garden

2.      Make a bird feeder using recycled and/or natural materials

3.      A handmade jewellery item – any material

4.      Penmanship: Canada’s provinces and territories and capital cities, writing or printing, may also be decorated

5.      Penmanship: first verse of “O Canada”, writing or printing, may be decorated

6.      My favourite photograph(s), mounted and with caption(s)

7.      An Inukshuk

8.      A poster featuring modern farm machinery and farm machinery from pioneer days

9.      Teacher’s/Exhibitor’s choice - any other craft

Class   :  Crafts, 18 years and under 2017

1.      Wind chimes made from recycled or all natural materials

2.      Any item of sewing, knitting, crocheting or woodworking

3.      A handmade key fob and /or key chain

4.      Penmanship: Canada’s provinces and territories and capital cities or the first verse of “O Canada”, writing, printing or calligraphy, may be hand decorated

5.      An Inukshuk

6.      Create a logo for the Middleville Fair

7.      Create a poster to honour Canada’s 150th birthday

8.      A painting done in watercolour or oil depicting any aspect of this year’s fair theme – Canada 150; frame optional

9.      Any school project completed during the 2015 – 2016 school year

10.  Open Category – any other craft of your choice





Ribbons for all Junior Department Classes donated by Rose & Steve Wark