Middleville Agricultural Society
 The Tradition Continues


Director in Charge - Rose Wark (613-257-2548)


Prize money:  1st-$4, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2

  • Plants are to have been grown by the exhibitor for at least 3 months prior to the show
  • No Oiling or artificial shine is permitted
  • Where necessary, staking is permitted, but should not be obtrusive


1.  Potted Geranium, any type

2.  African Violet, one crown

3.  Begonia, any type in bloom

4.  Coleus,  1 plant

5.  Potted  Herb, 1 variety, can be multiple plants

6.  Cactus or succulent, can be multiple plants eg: Hen & Chickens, dish garden of variety of plants

7.  Best potted plant in bloom, not already listed, named if possible

8.  Best potted foliage plant, not already listed , includes  ivy’s, vines, ferns, named if possible

9.  Hanging planter, flowering

10.  Hanging planter, non-flowering


Prize money:  1st-$8, 2nd-$7, 3rd-$6, 4th-$5, 5th-$4

•  Sunflowers can be shown as a stalk cut at the ground, or it is optional to trim the root ball and             water the root.  Wrap and tie a plastic bag around the root ball.

•  The sunflower does not need to be in bloom for the tallest stalk class

•  In the event of a tie for the most blooms, emphasis will be given to buds showing colour

•  If you want to enter both the tallest and most blooms classes with one sunflower, attach both tags       to the stalk

Prize money:  

1.  Tallest sunflower stalk (does not need to be in bloom)

2.  Sunflower with the most blooms and/or buds




Director in Charge:  Rose Wark (613-257-2548)



  Cut flowers should be exhibited with a small amount of own, attached  foliage.
•  All specimens  fresh or dried ,must be grown by the exhibitor
•  Hint : cedar is allowed to hold stems in place. Ensure the cedar does not show above the rim of the container
•  Hint: use pebbles or aquarium gravel to weight down a container to make it more stable from tipping over
•  A bloom is an individual flower. Note: A bud showing colour is counted as a bloom

Prize money:  1st-$3, 2nd-$2, 3rd-$1

1.            Aster, 5 blooms, any colour(s)

2.            Bachelor’s Button, 3 to 5 blooms, any colour(s)

3.            Calendula, 3 to 5 blooms, any colour(s)

4.            Cosmos, 3 to 5 blooms, any colour(s), not to exceed 15” above the container rim

5.            Dahlia, stem and foliage showing, 3 to 5 blooms, any cultivar / colour(s), named if possible

6.            Delphinium, perennial, 3 to 5 stalks, any cultivar / colour(s)

7.            Flowering Kale or Cabbage, 1 stem

8.           Geranium, 1 stem, (foliage does not need to be attached for this class)

9.            Gladiolus, 1 spike

10.         Gladiolus, 3 spikes, one colour

11.         Herbs, 3 to 5 varieties, 3 stems of each, named and displayed in water

12.          Hydrangea, 2 stems, not to exceed 18” above the container rim

13.          Marigold, 5 blooms, under 2”, 1 colour

14.          Marigold, 5 blooms, over 2” and under 3”, 1 colour

15.         Marigold, 3 blooms, over 3 “, 1 colour

16.          Ornamental Grass, 3 stems of same cultivar, named if possible, stem length not  to exceed                 24”

17.          Petunia, 3 blooms , each a different variety  and / or colour(s)

18.          Rose, 1 spray or bloom ; any variety/cultivar except miniature, named if possible    

19.          Rose, miniature, 1 bloom or spray    

20.          Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan), 3 to 5 blooms

21.         Rudbeckia  (NOT Black-Eyed Susan), 3 to 5 blooms, not to exceed 12” above container rim

22.          Sedum,  3 stems

23.          Snapdragon, any colour(s), 3 to 5 spikes/stems

24.         Sunflower, 1 bloom, not  to exceed 8” center, stem length not to exceed 15”

25.          Sweet Pea, 3 to 5 stems, any cultivar / colour(s)

26.          Zinnia, 3 to 5 blooms, any cultivar / colour(s)

27.          Annual, one variety not already listed, 3 to 5 stems / stalks, named if possible          

28.          Perennial, one variety not already listed, 3 to 5 stems / stalks, named if possible

Sections 29 to 36; These sections are bouquets displayed in a container of water

All flowers, herbs and grasses; fresh or dried, must be grown by the exhibitor

Specimens can be the same or a mix of any colour(s) / variety or cultivar within their respective section

Except for Section #29 Gladiolus, entries not to exceed 20” in width and 15” above the rim of the container

29.          Gladiolus, collection, any colour(s) / varieties, 5 to 9 spikes,

               Prize money for section 29:  1st  $6   2nd  $4   3rd  $2  in memory of Cathy Rodgers

30.         Cosmos bouquet   

31.         Sunflowers bouquet

32.         Bouquet of mixed Ornamental grasses, foliage and/ or herbs

33.         Marigolds bouquet

34.         Asters bouquet

35.         Petunias bouquet

36.         Bouquet of mixed Annual and /or Perennial flowers. To contain a minimum of 5 different                       kinds or cultivars , shown in 1 container.  Some ornamental grasses and / or herbs can be                   added as fillers.




Director in Charge – Rose Wark (613-257-2548)


Prize money:  1st-$8, 2nd-$6, 3rd-$4

  Unless otherwise specified in a section, all flowers  fresh or dried , must be grown

    by the exhibitor

  Hint : Plant material such as moss and cedar, is allowed in the design class to help hold stems

    in place.

•  Entries not to exceed 20” in width.
•  Purchased accessories re: fruit, vegetables, herbs, ornaments, ribbons, pebbles, etc  are allowed  in

    the Design Class

•  No artificial flowers  to be used
•  Branches, herbs, wild or ornamental grasses are allowed in the Design Class


1.  “Sun Burst” - A mass design with sunflowers as the main flower used.

2.  “Victorian Christmas” - A mantle arrangement with 1 or more candles as part of the design.

3.  “Grandma's Favorite” - An arrangement / design in a kitchen container.

4.  “Sunny Scent-Sation” - An arrangement / design  where sunflowers are the main flower to be          used .  To include herbs of your choice.   Emphasis on the herb's aroma. (note: the herbs can be          purchased)


5.  “Indian Summer” - An arrangement / design of your choice using a variety of flowers.

NOTE:    Upon completion of judging all entries, the Judge will choose the 2 following awards:

               1.  Judge’s Favorite     -  prize  to be defined at a later date

               2.   Best Of Show           -   prize  to be defined at a later date

Most Points in Classes 27 to 29 -  $30 value Hillside Gardens, Perth

2015 Winner - Margaret Inwood